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Domestic Roofing & Repair Services Salisbury

At Milford Roofing we provide roofing services from domestic repairs to roofing installations for commercial property.

We work in pairs of Roofers and Labours adjusting our team depending on the size of the project. We take pride in our workmanship as reputable Roofers. The standard of the work undertaken with Milford Roofing is simply above the rest!

Roof Inspection

As part of our roofing service we don’t mind getting our hands dirty. We go above and beyond to ensure your roof is built to modern standards. We’re happy to provide a comprehensive inspection before any work is undertaken. Once we’ve got an understanding of the challenge at hand, we’ll then be able to provide a plan to get started.

Project Management

We project manage every area of the build or repair to make sure we’re reaching our agreed milestones. This means we plan and record each stage for efficiency. 

We always ensure we check stocks, order tiles, slates,  materials arrange deliveries in-advance of scheduling our projects. 

We also make sure we have a refuge and disposal plan in place to safely remove building materials when working. This also helps to minimise any disruption to you and your home life when working on your property.


Roofs with our weather in the UK are especially prone to damage due to the onset of heavy rain and high winds.  We know because we can often be found battling these harsh conditions when repairing roofs. We find wear and tear occurs over the years and causes tiles to become damaged, dislodged and broken. This damage is may not be visible although the effects of having a leaking roof can cause wider damage if not repaired quickly.

At Milford Roofing we’re experienced in working on properties that need a complete re-roof. Whilst it is a large undertaking to complete we project manage our service to ensure you have got a roof over your head when completing our works. We’re careful to match tiles with the original source and ensure materials are of a high standard and in-keeping with the original build and planning laws.

When we undertake a new roof project, we can use our own scaffolding services or work with the provider you may have selected. At Milford Roofing we take care to ensure we have planned our work in-advance and pre-book equipment and order materials in stages. Depending on the size of the project we can bring in external experienced roofers and tradespeople.  

At Milford Roofing we can work on any flat roofing project whether that be domestic or commercial and garages. Flat Roofing can be a complex project. We work with various materials depending on the insultation needs from rubber breathable membranes to sheet and asphalt roofs. As part of our initial inspection we will provide you with a clear price and timescales for completion.

Fascia Soffit and Guttering systems are often prone to become blocked and are essential for maintaining your roof. At Milford Roofing we’re able to repair or replace fascia, soffits and guttering systems. As part of our service we’re able to provide our scaffolding services to ensure the job can be completed with speed and ease.

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What our customers say
Julia MasseyStorm Damage

"The proficient team from Milford Roofing completed the re-felting and replacement of the tiles on the weather side of my roof as specified in their quotation. The scaffolding was erected & dismantled in a safe and efficient manner, all the work was completed in just over one week. The workmen were considerate at all times and left the area clear of all rubbish. I have no hesitation in recommending this company to undertake this type of work.”

Melanie DalyHips and ridge

I have just had all my hip tiles which had lifted re-bedded. Alan and his team were quick and efficient and I was very impressed with how they dealt with my requirements. A very friendly bunch of workmen who were polite and courteous at all times which was very important as I work from home. A five star service, thank you guys!

Chris BarrettStorm Damage

Firstly I must Say Alan was fantastic coming to help us after Storm Eleanor blew the roof from our home in January this year. His team at Milford Roofing (despite bad weather) battled through to sort out our roof and give us a great looking finish which will last for many years to come. Thank you.