Roofers Salisbury
    Roofing Projects

    At Milford Roofing Salisbury we undertake a wide-range of roofing projects from roof extensions to new build properties, listed buildings or conservatories.

    Scaffolding Salisbury
    Scaffolding Services

    Milford Roofing Salisbury offers complete scaffolding which includes installation, hire and dismantling by a qualified team of professional scaffolders.

    Roofing Salisbury
    Roofing Repairs

    We also provide emergency roofing repairs, please call us to discuss your immediate need, we will be happy to help! We are also able to repair chimneys, gutters and skylines.

    Milford Roofing employ a team of expert and experienced local Roofers in Salisbury. Our team have been selected as competent roofers who have worked on a wide range of successful roofing projects both locally and nationally.


    Roofing Salisbury: ‘No roofing about, success storeys’

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    • Commercial Roofing
    • Domestic Roofing
    • Roofing Tiling
    • New Builds
    • Scaffolding Hire
    • Roofing Refurbishments
    • Emergency Roofing
    • Slate Roof Repair
    • Roof Extensions
    • Brickwork
    • Storm Damage Repairs
    • Waterproofing
    • Conservatory Roof Repairs
    • Roofing Vents
    • Lead Roofing

    Roofing on firm foundations: With more than 10 years of experience, we’re built to last. Which is why you should call us first.

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